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One man cried when He had no shoes, But he stopped crying when He saw a man without legs. Life is full of Blessings, Always try to understand it
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If you miss an opportunity don’t fill your eyes with tears. It may hide yet another opportunity lying in front of you!!
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When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, You can look beside you And your best friend (me) will be there!
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While building your team, Always search for people Who love to win. If it is difficult to find, At least look for people Who hate to lose!.
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The test of courage comes When we are in the minority The test of tolerance comes When we are in the majority.
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Don’t expect anything from life, expectations hurt. When you don’t expect, every moment is a surprise and every surprise brings happiness.!
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Life is a book, we all read it. Love is a blessing, we all need it. Always be happy, walk with a smile. Remember in this world we are just for a while!
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