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Kalagh PaR ! Gonjeshk PaR! del ma vase U … hamishe PaR PaR PaR
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momen agar momen bud, sar az sojde bar nemidasht! ravabet omumiye hozeye moghavemate basije ghazvin!
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tu in zamune adama bayad hezarta kun bedan ta kareshun rah biofte. toro khoda age kari dashti zang bezan!!
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zendegi kutahtar az an ast ke be khosumat bogzarad va ghalbha geramitar az anand ke beshkanand. farda tolu khahad kard, hata agar ma nabashim. pas biaeid karte sukhteman ra be yekdigar bedahim
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torke mikhast bere tunes, natunest. vali belakhare tunest! . . . bad mikhast bargarde az tunes, amma dige natunest!.
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torke dashte rad mishode, mibine yek nafar tasadof karde. az yeki miporse: chi shode? behesh migan: hichi baba, guzpich shode… chand lahze bad yeki az torke miporse: chi shode? torke mige: nemidunam. guzpich shode, pichguz shode, pichide guzide, guzide pichide, pich did guzid, guz did pichid, pichesh guzide, guzesh pichide, tu pich guzide, tu guz pichide, … bishtar nakhun, khodetam guzpish mishi!!
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ye ruz mimiri, be khak seporde mishi. bad ye alaf mishi va yek gav toro mikhore. bad ye goh mishi… man be to negah mikonam va migam: hich avaz nashodi!!
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